Mirror Universe

There are days where I’m convinced that there’s another universe or dimension on the other side of my hallway mirror.  I’ve stuck my hand on it, thinking I should fall through it, only to encounter a stubborn barrier that refuses to get out of my way.  I think if I spontaneously lost all reasoning, I would just keep smacking the mirror until someone pulled me away or I fell through to my other universe.

On these days, I contemplate what the other universe would be like.  Would everyone’s personalities be flipped? Would they be the same? Would a key element be missing from the picture, say someone not ever having existed? Would it be the same old world, or would it have superheroes, monsters, magic, or all of the above? One must wonder.  And, often in my wondering, I think that maybe, on the other side of the mirror, is another me, wondering and contemplating the same thing, always in sync, always there when I am, always going to and fro of that mirror.  Whether she’s going to do the same thing I have in mind, I don’t know.  I just know she’s always there, along with anyone else that may cross paths with that mirror.

And now I wonder, what would happen if the synchronizing was broken? One died without the other’s knowledge.  One would be without a reflection, forever feeling like an undead vampire when they look at the mirror, minus the lust for blood and aversion to the sun.  That one would wonder, what happened to my reflection? They may wonder endlessly, where did it go? Why did it disappear? This makes no sense! Forever pondering why it’s gone until they die themselves.  I wonder…


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