Hey Ho

Hey guys.  Sorry that I disappeared for awhile.  I was not exactly in the best of spirits after that last post, Fallout.  Granted, I started feeling better after a month or two, but I lost the motivation to write anything for the blog when I was stressing out about school and trying to pass my classes with A’s and B’s.  Considering how uptight I am, along with the high goals I give myself with grades, it was very trying for a while.  Tensions were high in my house, and my patience, normally thick, was running very thin with my siblings and parents.  I didn’t want to end up making nothing but rants and annoying the far out of you.  Recently, I’ve been trying to make my views more optimistic than the pessimistic ones I usually keep.  I want you guys to have hope for your futures and have bright outlooks.  I don’t want you to be negative like I am all the time.  I don’t want you guys to give yourself ulcers like I feel I do to myself sometimes.  As someone said before, it’s very easy to let negative thoughts in.

Once you have those negative thoughts in, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to get the positive thoughts back.

Now, on to the update.

My friend from the previous post, Fallout, (you know, the one that lost his dad?) has gone on to become a solo singer.  He’s actually doing well.  Big churches have started to book him, and he’s planning to make CDs for sale sometime either next month or in October. (or was it November? I can’t remember now…)

As for me, I’ve transferred schools.  I have to go to Southern Adventist now if I want to have any hope of being able to pay for that freakin’ expensive school.  I only got one year out of the two that I had planned on getting from the community college.  It’s a little disheartening.  I was hoping to spend more time with some of the friends I made there for at least one more year.  B was…not thrilled, when I broke the news to him.

But hey, on the bright side, I still talk to my best friend a lot over the phone.  I get to go to this school and get started on–drumroll please–ANIMATION!

I pretty much get to jump into it this fall.  Principles of Animation I consists of using hand drawings to get a grasp of the basics.  After that, I have no idea when the computer animation stuff takes over.  I know it’s there, I just don’t know when it’ll be there.  The only problem I might have is if I have to redo one or two art classes I’ve already taken at the other college.  I’m not too awfully worried about any of them except for 3D.

Did I ever tell you about 3D? 3D was a perpetual nightmare.  It’s basically making sculptures with limited materials.  You know what’s also limiting? The laws of Physics and Gravity.  That’s what.  I draw, not build. I do not want to do that class again. Never again! Never!

Meanwhile, I’m doing a very, very short summer class to get a head start.  Personal Finance.  I did a high school course way back when, but the college course is actually much more informing, even though it’s packed into four weeks.  Guess what? I have all A’s! This coming week is the last, but the break will be short lived.  After that, school officially starts.  Bright side: Everything will be much slower, and all my classes are in the afternoon.  That’ll be a relief.

So, that’s what’s going on so far.  Hopefully I can keep a regular update schedule this time.  Don’t hold me to that, though.  My internal schedule is erratic as heck.  (I also updated the about page that I forget to even touch when I made this blog.  Oops.)

Until next time.



You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?

Flowers? On my doorstep? It must be for a present for Mom.  Or perhaps it’s for my dad.  One of the two sent the other flowers, I thought.  I know on Valentine’s day, Dad gave Mom crisp, fresh roses to her.  These were the same kind, but yellow.  I smell them, albeit too closely, and pay for it with a sneeze.  It was worth it.

I go inside and at once call my mom away from her computer.  However, she says it’s not for her.  Dad would have left a note.  She didn’t order any flowers either.  I realize it’s probably been delivered to the wrong house, and wonder who it was really meant for.  The thought never even crossed my mind that it was for me.  I couldn’t even begin to think who would send me this cheesy, yet sweet token.  I laugh, and wonder if I should just recycle the flowers and give them to my neighbor’s mom as a token of appreciation, since it was unlikely I would find the true recipient anywhere nearby.  It was a bit saddening, though, to know the person who was supposed to get these flowers wouldn’t.