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Stressful Morning, Okay Day.

Oh freakin…Lord help me.

My mom is going to kill me if she sees the B’s I made on my Term and Essay Exam.  It’s only the first one of the semester though, and no matter what, I’m going to keep being optimistic.  I still have a chance to raise it up to an A with the other two Term exams and the rest of the Essay Exams.  The only problem is that my Mom has been on my tail about keeping my grades up for awhile.  If my GPA drops below an A, I lose one of my scholarships and my membership to Phi Theta Kappa.  I really need the money if I’m going to transfer to Southern Adventist.  They’re really expensive! About $24,000 if I remember correctly.  But at the moment, I’m not so worried as that as I am about Mom getting a hold of me.  Oh God…I’d rather not get my head chewed off for the thousandth time this month…

I also accidentally fell asleep in Psychology this morning.  That’s unusual considering that I find this class pretty interesting.  Plus, unlike a certain friend–B.–I want to retain this knowledge.  I want to use it for my stories and characters, make them more complex, more relatable, more–just, so much more!  People are more often than not completely  different than what we expect them to be, and act differently than we think they would.  Personalities can be contrary, and outward attitudes may deceive on how a person really thinks.  Slowly but surely, I’m learning that now, and not just because of this class.  I guess if anything I’m just tired.  Five hours of sleep is not enough for me.  I want to go to bed earlier, I really do, but it’s just not possible.

I went to the library after class to get resources for my research papers.  Then my stomach virus decided to suddenly disappear and give me back the feeling of hunger as soon as I sat down.  While the thought of food was making me somewhat queasy, not eating seemed to be make me sicker.  Let me tell you, that was so annoying, I almost got up and headed to the cafeteria then.  Almost.  I ended up ignoring it for an hour and a half.

After that, I headed out on campus to get food.  I ended up staying for two hours with B. and some of the people who are coming with us on our trip.  We were discussing some possible changes to the schedule, and from there, it just went nuts.  There are a few people who have similar names, so one of my friends who is coming came up with the idea to use Final Fantasy characters as code names.  She got Genesis, B. got Cloud, and I got Yuffie, which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing considering I’ve never played anything from the series.  The few others who were there with us got names too, but I don’t remember what they were.  It didn’t stop there.  References abounded as we talked about various shows, video games, anime and manga, as well.  One prime example was when one of them started talking about Sherlock.  I haven’t watched the third season though, so I had to sit there with my ears covered “la la la”-ing until it was over.  Another was when “Genesis” was talking about how Crisis Core was one of her favorite games and was looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns.  For all that anime and manga that she goes on about, she doesn’t like Pokemon for some odd reason.  Go figure.  Geeks, we are.  Care, do not.

I had to leave early today to deposit my financial stuff for school.  It took longer than it should have.  Much longer.  the software I use to keep important information didn’t sync all my info with my phone, and made me take the long way around, which even that didn’t work.  Luckily, my Mom was with me, and she used her phone that actually cooperates to get the information that I needed.

Store.  Home.  Nap.  Then geek step-dad who thinks that software I use is not syncing because it is somehow my fault.  Other than that, it was an okay day.  A pretty funny one too.


Start of the Week

It’s been a bumpy start to the week.  Just yesterday, I had a 24-hour stomach virus.  Luckily I only puked three or four times.  I consider that very lucky in my case.  My poor little brother and step-dad were sick with me.  Even with that, I had to persevere long enough to finish my art project for Drawing II (it’s done by the way! I’ll post a picture of it later, but I’m going to end up tweaking it over spring break).  The stomach virus is still hanging around, because I didn’t have much of an appetite when it came lunch time.  I ended up forcing myself to eat a pizza so I wouldn’t regret it later.  My usual in-between snack is a plate of french fries sprinkled in seasoning, however, I ended up forcing that down too.  Right now, I’m trying to focus on making this annoying Fantasy Island project in 3D Design, which entails everyone making an Island or an object made out of cardboard.  I’m a  drawer, not a builder dagnabit.  This was actually assigned last week, but I’m still struggling with getting the base up.  At the moment…It’s…let’s just say that I’m glad everyone seems to be on the same page as me so far in terms of progress.

In other news, the play that I was going to be in has been postponed until next semester.  It’s not a big deal, really.  It’s actually for the best since I’ve already got so much on my plate.  Plus, somehow my friend B. got hooked into playing the judge in this play.  On the plus side, we get to keep our scripts, which will let us practice over this semester and the summer, and hopefully by that time we’ll be near ready to go.  It’s odd.  Honestly, I didn’t think B. would be into this kind of thing.  The play is set in the 1950’s, and is centered on Freudian psychology mostly (or at least the idea of it).  What I think got him though was the Judge’s character.  The Judge is a bit, eh, quirky, is the only way I know how to put it.  I’d give a quote out of the script, but I think B. unintentionally stole it, and I wont’ see him until tomorrow morning.  Yeah.  I hope he doesn’t turn that into a habit.

Also, I should go ahead and mention that me and B. are planning a little something for Spring Break.  In the Art Studio, the students taking drawing classes, 2D, 3D, and any of the Art History classes can sign up for a trip to New York City.   This year, they got enough money to take a plane trip all the way there.  The trip includes eating at different restaurants like Chinese and other types of restaurants that I can’t remember.  Also, since this is technically a school field trip, they also get to visit all sorts of art museums down there.  Guess what? Me and B. aren’t going.  Why? Well, for one, we can’t afford it.  Two, I thought about it last semester, and chickened out at the last minute.  Oh, and I’m kind of glad I’m not going.  I’m afraid of airplanes.  Deathly.

So! Our trip involves going to our nearby big city and going to restaurants as well.  Also, we’ll be going to the local art scene, going to the mall, the arcade, and all that jazz.  Plus, since the majority of us (OK, all of us) are total geeks, we’ll also be blowing our money on comics somewhere along the way.

Now, I’m just sitting in front of my Xbox hoping the smell of pizza isn’t going to make me sick.  I think the most I can eat of that is maybe one slice.  And then the cheese sticks.  Oh the freakin’ cheese sticks!